Research and Testing Center (RTC)

Mauá Institute of Technology’s Research Center, founded in 1966, aims, in addition to applied research, to develop technologies to solve industrial problems, taking advantage of the training of its professionals from different fields and creating multidisciplinary working groups.

The Research Center has developed more than 1,500 successful projects and served hundreds of customers. Located in São Caetano do Sul, it coexists and interacts with the University Center in an area of 130,000 m² and has a complete infrastructure with more than 100 laboratories and pilot plants.

The Research Center maintains a service structure through its departments, which operate in the following areas:

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Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering
Application of Microwaves in Chemical Process
Particulate Systems
Control And Automation Research Topics And Projects
Mechanical Engineering Research Topics And Projetcs
Civil Engineering Research Topics and Projects


The technical staff of the Research Center consists of experienced and qualified professionals in various fields of activity. The Research Center offers students of the University Center the opportunity to complete professional internships.