Research Internship

General Description

Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia - IMT (Maua Institute of Technology) has inaugurated a Program for Research Internship in the campus located in São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, Brazil.

The Program is directed to students enrolled in Universities outside Brazil.

Students can choose a period from 1 to 6 months of internship in the IMT research laboratories and projects. Students will work under the supervision of Researchers and Professors and have access to all facilities.

The working language will be English, but occasionally we may find tutors in Spanish and French as well. International students will be able to speak English on campus and in the laboratories, although Spanish can also be used for communication and Portuguese is the official spoken language in Brazil.

The workload will be between 20 and 40 hours a week during 4 to 8 weeks internship period. Students will receive academic credit if an agreement is made between the IMT and the students home university

Students enrolled in partner universities are eligible to apply for scholarship of USD 500 per month (limited to 2 months), which will help them to cover the main costs of living.

What the Students will Achieve

  • Study a specific scientific subject
  • To be familiarized with the steps involved in developing a research project
  • Working experience in laboratories
  • Discovering a new university
  • Experience a new country culture


Undergraduate and MSc students

Internship will be at the Following Research Labs and Projects

  • Development and Conservation of Food Products
  • Application of Advanced Oxidative Processes in Pollutant Removal
  • Control, Automation and Robotics Applications for Teaching and Research Including Projects in Assistive Technology
  • Materials and Engineering Science
  • Virtual Comissioning
  • Engineering Education
  • Engines and Internal Combustion
  • Center for Embedded Eletronic Systems
  • Particulate Systems
  • Manufacturing Processes and Mechanical Design
  • Computational Modules of Structures
  • Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics Systems
  • Civil Construction Materials
  • Biological Treatment of Wastewater
  • Microwave Applications in Chemical Processes

How to Apply

Students must submit an Online Application and send via e-mail a cover letter, CV and copy of passport to

Selection Process

After the reception of the applications, selections will be made to determine the most suitable candidates for the laboratories and projects. The selected students will get an answer from the responsible Professors by e-mail.

Additional Information


Our International Relations office can make one offer in S. Caetano do Sul region. Homestay with students family is also an option. However, students are also free to look on your own.


EU Countries - No visa is required for less than 6 months
Students from countries that require Brazilian Visa will receive an invitation letter from IMT to bring to the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate closest to your home.

Work placements

Due to the close relationship between IMT and the industry, we are keen to help students finding a professional internship during their stay.

Health Insurance

A valid health insurance is mandatory to all international students coming to IMT.