Business Administration

The Business Administration program at IMT challenge students with real world business problems, allowing them to learn to identify opportunities and deliver results.

The IMT Business Administrator is a professional who is ready to act as a leader with an entrepreneurial vision, in a wide range of sectors, such as financial institutions, service providers, consultancy firms, retailers or wholesalers and in general manufacturing - automotive companies, consumer electronics and food industries, among others.

Over the course of our program, students develop decision-making skills and techniques needed to solve everyday business management and administration problems. The quality and professional approach of the education that Business Administration students receive at IMT help them stand out in a crowd and be career-ready before they even pick up their diploma. 

The undergraduate program has the highest score (5/5) in the Brazilian Ministry of Education ICG ranking and enrolled students have the chance to earn a dual degree from the IMT and De Montfort University, in the UK, thanks to an Academic Cooperation Agreement between the institutions.

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