Graduate Studies

Refresher, Advanced Certificate, Specialization and MBA programs

Our award-winning professors employ both theoretical and practical methodologies in the high-quality graduate programs offered at the São Paulo and São Caetano do Sul campuses.

Following in the footsteps of some of the world?s leading universities, IMT now offers modular graduate programs, which allows students to choose their classes depending on their need and time availability.

IMT offers three types of graduate studies:

MBA and Specialization Programs

There are two paths to earn an MBA or a Specialization degree at IMT: students can choose to pursue an Advanced Certificate Program + a Refresher Certificate Program + a Term Paper module or three Refresher Certificate Programs and a Term Paper module. The full degree program can be completed within 1 year or at your own pace.


Advanced Certificate Program

The Advanced Certificate Program consists of two Refresher Programs with 240 classroom hours and can be completed within 1 year or at your own pace.


Refresher Certificate Program

IMT offers Refresher Certificate Programs in Engineering, Business Management and Design. It can be completed within a semester (120 classroom hours).