The focus of IMT Design department is to provide future professionals with a combination of solid technological knowledge and creative skills to meet the needs of users and come up with aesthetic, technical and functional solutions in product development and creation.

The Design curriculum is built on three pillars: Humanities, Technology and Artistic Creation. Coupling Design creation and innovation tools with in-depth practical knowledge of courses like Manufacturing Materials and Processes leads to technology and aesthetics sophistication in the development of products and services.

An IMT Design graduate is equipped with multidisciplinary knowledge and creative skills, making them ready to solve problems and come up with aesthetic, technical and functional solutions for products and services, according to the latest manufacturing standards. This professional is also ready to work on any stage of a product's life cycle, from strategy meetings all the way through its launching, including the steps of creation, development and technical feasibility. Meeting people's needs is the ultimate goal of the IMT designer - that is why our graduates use various types of research and develop each project based on system-wide requirements and the three principles of innovation: desirability, feasibility and viability.

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