The Design undergraduate program at the São Caetano do Sul campus. The objective of this program is to prepare professionals with a solid technological and managerial education linked to the skills required to develop products that meet requirements of quality, regarding functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics, durability and after-use disposal.

The program is based on three legs: technology (design, materials, manufacturing processes and quality assessment), artistic creation, and humanities (History and Art the History of Technology, Sociology, Economics, Administration and Psychology).

The knowledge acquired intechnologies, such as materials, manufacturing processes, applied mechanics and applied electricity, associated with creation and innovation activities will enable the development of high value products that meet quality and safety requirements.

The IMT Design students carry out practical work at workshops, studios and laboratories to acquire knowledge of how to works with materials and to get familiar with 2D, 3D, physical models representation processes, components manufacturing and assembly complex systems.

This education that strongly connects basic knowledge and practice will enable students to process that develop of their program final project ina wide range of areas products, such as vehicles and accessories, urban equipment, visual communication and corporate identity, appliances, medical equipment, furniture, packaging and innovative products. These activities can be developed involving a team group with the inclusion of students from other fields of the Centro Universitário.

Marketing, business administration and specific regulations subjects, such as trademark and patent laws are offered in the last semesters of the Design program.

The duration of the IMT Design course is 4 years and the course is offered in São Caetano do Sul at night and morning  time.