Welcome to the IMT- Grand Challenges Scholars Program

The US National Academy of Engineering, NAE, presented in 2008 an ambitious vision of what Engineering needs to deliver to all people on Planet Earth, throughout the 21st century, to ensure: "the continuity of life on the planet, making our world more (i) sustainable, (ii) healthy, (iii) safe and (iv) joyful".

This vision is summarised in 14 objectives that NAE named the GRAND CHALLENGES FOR ENGINEERING, which fall into the four major areas described above and which can be seen in the link above. 


In order for Engineers and other professionals to be trained with the necessary competencies  to successfully tackle the great problems of humanity in the 21st Century, NAE launched the GRAND CHALLENGES ACADEMIC PROGRAM (GCSP) project, through which it stimulates and approves programs of Higher Education Institutions capable of promoting the development of these competencies in their students. With this project, the NAE wants to ensure that these professionals will later be fully prepared to face the GRAND CHALLENGES FOR ENGINEERING.

The IMT-GRAND CHALLENGES SCHOLARS PROGRAM is affiliated with the NAE-GRAND CHALLENGES SCHOLARS PROGRAM project and uses a combination of IMT's curricular and extra-curricular activities, linked by a backdrop project theme selected by the student, to develop the 5 competencies that NAE and the IMT understand are key enablers to solve the GREAT CHALLENGES FOR ENGINEERING.

Students selected for the Program will choose a central project theme (Grand Challenge) and appoint a mentor who will help them set up their personal  GCSP-IMT Program and accompany them until the end of all activities. The students that succeed in the Program will be awarded a "GCSP-Scholar" diploma from IMT and another from the NAE (US National Academy of Engineering).