Our Engineering program is ranked as one of best in Brazil. The IMT network of engineering alumni numbers more than 18,000 professionals.

The engineer in today's world

"Engineering is the professional art of organizing and guiding man's work, applying scientific knowledge and using nature's materials and energy sparingly to produce goods and services that are useful and necessary to society within safety parameters." This definition, adopted by the Federal Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy Council (CONFEA) in 1993, offers a summarized account of the work carried out by engineers.

Technological development needs to be sustainable to lessen its impact on the environment. Engineers play an important role in creating sustainable development, and that is why their education must reach beyond technical and technological skills. More than combining talent, creativity and intuition with tech and scientific knowledge, Engineering professionals must have the cultural background necessary to take a critical approach to management and interpersonal issues, as well as a keen awareness of the social consequences of their work in a globalized world.

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