Technical Services and Tests Center

The Center was established in 1966 with the purpose of meeting the needs of the industries regarding products and processes. A laboratory infrastructure was put in place in order to make tests and analyses. In a second moment it started providing technological support to companies to improve processes, products and research and development in engineering.

Today it is well knour center in several fields. The center has facilities to give technical support to manufacture and service companies of the following types:

  • applied technology research;
  • product and process development;
  • tests, analyses, expert opinion reports and certification;
  • projects, consulting, advisory services and planning;
  • specialized training.

The Technical Services and Tests Center has a customer service structure based in Technical Divisions established by fields: Food Engineering, Biochemistry, Automation and Control, Electronic, Civil, Mechanical Engineering, Metrology, Microwave Technology, Telecommunications, Engines and Vehicles, Chemistry and Paints, Road Signaling and Safety.

The technical staff at the Center comprises experienced professionals with different degrees, qualified on different areas, and the Center also counts on Centro Universitário faculty as experts and consultants. The participation of Centro Universitário students in activities of the center provides them with the opportunities to participate in professional internships.