Skills developed in the program

The GCSP-IMT Program main objective is to promote the development of 5 competencies that will empower the student to carry out projects that bears potential for large transformations during his future professional life:

  1. Technical competency.
  2. Multidisciplinary competency.
  3. Economic Viability and Entrepreneurship competency.
  4. Multicultural competency.
  5. Social Awareness competency.

Technical competency is developed when the student carries out a mentored research project, accomplished in groups or individually, within one of the themes of IMT's Grand Challenges.

The multidisciplinary technical competence is essential to enable the student to solve Grand Challenges and they appear when the student is forced to work in the frontier of disciplines of Engineering (several programs), Design, Management, and others.

The competence of Economic Viability and Entrepreneurship is key for the student to be able to translate his ideas into inventions and innovations through a viable business model. The student must also be able to foresee the challenges to increase the scale of the solutions proposed for a global scale.

Multicultural competence is the awareness developed by the student, during domestic or abroad experiences, to understand the multicultural implications to the possible solutions to the Grand  Challenges. It is necessary to work effectively in an increasingly interdependent world.

The competence of Social Consciousness is relevant because to work in the benefit of others is the basis of Civil society. It may be developed by participating in experiences that increase student awareness of existing social needs and motivate them to use their technical and multidisciplinary knowledge to propose viable and sustainable solutions to these problems.