Research Projects

Students enrolling in the GCSP-IMT Program must choose a project of personal interest from the IMT's Grand Challenges list (see file below).

The theme of the selected Challenge will be the continuity and coordination theme to the students' Program from beginning to end, helping them not only by developing of the technical-creative and multidisciplinary competencies but all five required competencies and increasing the chances to exercise the competencies in reapplying what is learned during the process.

In the files below the student will find the list of the IMT Grand Challenges, which is updated periodically, and which also lists the professors of the Institution who are willing to provide mentoring under each Challenge topic.

The choice of the Challenge indicates which professors are available to set up the Program and mentor the student throughout the Program.

Should the student choose to research which Challenges are mentored by each professor, a second cross-reference table is provided for that matter.  

The mentors chosen by the students may be from several Courses and may or may not be the principal researchers for each IMT Challenge. The only restriction is that the name of the chosen mentor is associated with the Challenge in the table. If in doubt, consult your Course Coordinator or contact a member of the GCSP-IMT Committee.