Continuing Education

Continuing Education Programs, Master in Engineering, MBAs

The post-graduate continuing education courses offered by the Centro Universitário at the São Paulo and São Caetano do Sul campi are tanght by faculty members and invited lecturers with a high level of professional and teaching competence, using both theoretical and practical methods in high quality training programs. The post-graduate programs are designed for professionals interested in improving their technical expertise in areas related to their educational and professional background.

São Paulo Campus

Post-Graduate Non-degree Programs (180 hours)

  • Market Strategy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Project Management

MBA (360 hours)

  • Executive - Administration for Engineers

São Caetano do Sul Campus

Post-Graduate Non-degree Programs (180 hours)

  • Automation and Industrial Control
  • Civil Engineering - Management of Civil Working Areas
  • Creative Design Business
  • Food Processes Development
  • Eletronics Embedded Systems

Specialization Degree Programs (360 hours)

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Packaging Engineering
  • Welding Engineer